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Project: AIB International

The Highlights

  • Converted a disjointed North America-focused website into a truly global online experience. This included optimization of both SEO and the website’s sales journey, resulting in a 15% increase in online sales year-over-year for two consecutive years.
  • Collaborated with a business strategy firm to better position the company against its competition, resulting in a company-wide, global rebrand during its Centennial in 2019.

The Challenge

When our CEO joined forces with AIB International, the company was transitioning to a global business strategy. They had no formal marketing plan or department, and any efforts that were taking place were siloed and dedicated to training. This approach ignored the majority of the company’s service portfolio. Also, AIB International's position in the market was not well understood by company leadership or potential customers. We partnered with a market research and business strategy firm to determine the dynamics, hear directly from customers about their needs, and create brand clarity. In 2019, the company celebrated its centennial year, and its best gift was the opportunity to do a total rebrand. This ultimately elevated the company’s market position and equipped both the sales and marketing teams with the tools needed to drive sales.

The Results

AIB International’s website redesign and optimization resulted in double-digit online sales growth. What’s more, the rebrand sparked increased interest in the company’s portfolio, enabling sustainable sales growth for the future.


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