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Project: Acme Global Industries

The Highlights: Making your brand’s personality work for you.

  • Established and fleshed out brand personalities for ten diverse retail properties within the Acme Global family.
  • Created a multi-phase program that emphasized brand-relevant content, strategically published at times with the highest user engagement.
  • Inspired and coached a team of content creators to develop even more outstanding work.
  • Carefully monitored engagement with each store's brand throughout time and adjusted course as needed.

The Challenge: Honing a scattered social media presence.

Acme Global is a Kansas-based parent company of several eclectic retail experiences, including but not limited to a bookstore, donut shop, yoga studio, coffee house, and gift shop. What connects these diverse environments is a desire to create a unique, in-store experience that makes customers feel warm and welcome, while simultaneously offering out-of-the-box products and services.

Acme Global Industries was having store managers run their social media accounts, but it was becoming evident that this wasn't the right way to create brand awareness and consistency. When the pandemic hit, things only worsened, and their digital audience began to dwindle. When we entered the picture, our immediate goal was to stop followers and fans from disengaging with these brands by creating interesting, brand-consistent content on a more frequent basis. By developing a more intentional social media strategy, we also supported management’s desire to strengthen their online shopping experience.

The Results: Using marketing personas to hone the brand’s voice.

Our first task was visiting with the company’s owners about the value proposition for each retail location. Armed with this information, we then conducted high-level competitor research and created profiles portraying each store’s brand persona. The profiles outlined the essential brand characteristics of each store, as well as how each should speak. We later expanded these profiles into brand prisms, allowing us to think more deeply about Acme Global’s customers and what they expect and enjoy most from associating with each brand. Finally, we began collaborating with Acme’s newly hired team of content creators to create a consistent and unified approach, while allowing each brand to come across authentically.

Within just three months, we increased the number of followers across all Instagram accounts by 17%, while the number of engagements tripled. On Facebook, we also saw an increased number of fans across the board, accompanied by a 30% increase in engagement.


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