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Your brand is more than just a snappy logo - it's about how you're perceived in the market. Get the custom strategy your business needs to influence how your products and services are received by the market.

We first help you define your goals, evaluate the status of your current brand, and take a look at the the competitive landscape to see what you're up against. Sometimes, we need to dig deeper with clients and potential clients through interviews or other research tools.

Once we've honed in on who you need to be and what the market is hungry for, we'll put some polish on your existing marketing program - or create a new one from scratch. You’ll receive a comprehensive set of marketing assets that will include any visual assets you need, plus a messaging strategy to guide how to address the market to attract customers and close deals.

Mayes MarCom will help you activate your brand so you can blow the competition away with your one-of-a-kind products and services.


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We’re always on the lookout for folks with great talent and the energy to get the job done. Send your portfolio and resume to [email protected], and we’ll see what kind of magic we can make happen.
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Mayes MarCom is a boutique marketing agency committed to helping you leverage your brand to drive business. Get the direct, purpose-driven marketing guidance you need to put your priorities first.