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Project: Veridian Prep

SEO Optimization, Marketing Strategy

The Highlights

Successfully boosted Veridian Prep’s searchability by conducting a technical SEO audit, performing keyword research, and implementing modifications to the website to enhance user-friendliness, resulting in a significant increase in organic website traffic and inquiries.

The Challenges

Veridian Prep, a college consultant and tutoring and test prep business, needed an SEO overhaul to increase website traffic and inquiries. While the business had a solid website and a lot of blog content, it needed proper keywording and action buttons to break up long-form responses and attract potential clients.

The Solution

Veridian Prep teamed up with Michelle Chance-Sangthong, our digital media specialist, to conduct a technical SEO audit, perform keyword research, and find ways to more quickly convert site traffic into inquiries.

We analyzed the site’s existing calls to action and revised the current content to unveil and further enhance high-performing posts.  Additionally, we differentiated between the consultancy’s services and provided taglines that drove traffic to different areas of the website.

The Results

After implementing the recommended changes, Veridian     Prep saw an immediate and significant increase in website traffic and inquiries, ultimately resulting in an uptick in business for the company.

From August 2022- December 2022 Veridian Prep increased its unique site users nearly five fold from 120 to 502.


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