Why Your Brand is More Than Just a Pretty Face

Sometimes, companies come to Mayes MarCom and say, "I need a rebrand!" They're enthusiastic about doing something new for their business, but they often can't explain why they want a new brand, nor do they understand what a complete rebrand involves.

Understanding the full potential of your company's brand means looking beyond its superficial aspects. Your logo is a mere introduction to your company's entire identity, and to do branding well, you need to dig into your company's values and the details of what sets your unique offering apart from others.

Embracing the Essence of Branding

You've seen that iceberg meme, right? The one where only a tiny bit of floating ice peeks out over the water's surface, but there is so much more hidden below? Your brand's visible parts are your logo and maybe your tagline, but behind these is a substantial foundation that gets to your brand's essence and character.

Branding isn't just a logo—it's about your company's purpose and how your company talks about what it does. Good branding is clear, consistent, and compelling. It creates the desired perception of your company in the marketplace, and your customers will come running because they can't help themselves.

Research: Building Your Brand's Foundation

Before pulling out the Pantone color swatches, we need to do a "deep dive" into your company's values. This involves understanding the principles for which your company stands. But it's not enough to just write these down – you need to test them with customers to see if what you value resonates with a broad enough customer base to justify the effort.

By conducting interviews, focus groups, and surveys, we help you understand the nuances behind what motivates your customers to buy from or work with you. And, sometimes, that means we have to tell our clients that they aren't quite hitting the mark as well as they thought. The good news is that we then have data on which to chart the course forward, whether it's a brand refresh or a brand redo.

As we're co-creating the next iteration of your brand, we'll also look at who your competitors are and what they're promising the marketplace. While conducting this kind of analysis makes good business sense, it's also a way to identify opportunities for brand differentiation.

Messaging Strategy: Finding the Right Words

The promises you make to your customers and how that message is delivered are just as important as what your logo looks like. Consistency in how your company communicates is essential, from how your team chats with customers to the tone of your website. Again, strategy and consistency are key. Depending on "who" your company is as a brand, your tone could be informative, entertaining, or heartfelt – it just needs to be predictable and consistent so your customers have a seamless experience when interacting with your company. This not only makes you look good, but it also fosters trust and builds loyalty in the long term.

What You See is What You Get

While your logo is your brand's "pretty face," your company's entire visual identity includes the supporting color palette, the typeface you choose, and how the whole thing is supported by photographic style, iconography, and sometimes even secondary graphics and textures. You're going for something that sets your brand's tone and creates a cohesive and appealing presentation across all touchpoints, from digital platforms to business correspondence to tradeshow displays.

Cultivating Brand Excellence

Viewing your brand holistically transforms it into an irresistible invitation, drawing customers into an enriching experience. From aesthetics to ethos, every facet contributes to a compelling narrative that captivates audiences.

While the logo serves as an initial attraction, the substance of your brand – its character, experiences, and values – creates engagement and fosters enduring relationships.

Build Your Brand with Mayes MarCom

At Mayes MarCom, we know from experience that crafting your company’s brand is a careful mix of creativity and strategy, and we’ve done it before. We’ll ensure your brand not only complies with contemporary standards, but that you have a unique brand that is a literal business magnet.

From refining your brand's mobile presence to crafting compelling, resonant narratives, we offer comprehensive support for your brand's needs. Ready to elevate your brand to new heights? Let's embark on this journey together – contact us.


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